Third Corvette On Display After Being Lifted From Sinkhole

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- It looked so easy when two Corvettes were pulled from beneath the Earth on Monday, but Tuesday's process was much more difficult. Crews were able to hook up the 1962 classic car, but they also had to drill holes and place anchors in a ten ton concrete slab resting on the vehicle.

After a few long seconds, the driving machine was back on safe ground again and officials wasted no time moving it onto display where it belongs.

The story is captivating many including the Krouse family.

"As a Corvette owner it's just been heart breaking to watch those cars go in. We've been really interested in watching them come out," said Jack and Eileen Krouse.

So interested they drove 7 hours just to watch the extraction. They say it was their love of Chevrolet's American dream car that pushed them to make the trip to the Bluegrass.

That same love could be seen on the face of Mike Williams when he was chosen to steer the car to its temporary home. Mike and his family moved Bowling Green when he was a child, because his father worked at the Corvette Plant.

"Corvette is huge in our life. Huge! I understand it's just a car. In the art world, if a Picasso was to be lost there would be huge national and worldwide news. This is my Picasso," said Williams as he patted the '62 'Vette.

Mike's passion is put to work every day as a facilities worker at the museum. Which is why it was extra gut wrenching for him when he found out what happened back in February.

"This car when we came into the museum it wasn't running. We did a lot of work to it and got it running perfectly. It was on display for approximately two weeks and it went into the hole," added an emotional Williams.

It was all smiles Tuesday though, due to the fact that three cars are now safe and sound. As for the other five, construction officials said they're all at least partially covered with dirt and rubble. It will take a few weeks of excavation, along with strengthening of the sinkhole, before more cars can be extracted.

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