Thousands Of Officers In Tompkinsville To Remember "Sprocket"

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It was a somber Labor Day for the City of Tompkinsville as they laid to rest one of their former police officers.

Herbet Profitt, or Officer Sprocket, was shot at his home last Tuesday.

As a retired officer Sprocket had more than 50 years of service between Tompkinsville Police and the Monroe County Sheriffs Office. His years as an officer left it's mark on the small, tight nit police force.

"As an officer he was one of the finest officers I have ever worked with. He was firm yet he was understanding. He knew how to deal with people and work with people and I learned a whole lot from Sprocket as we called him. He knew how to handle people," says Tompkinsville Police Chief Dale Ford.

"Just a man of great wisdom when it came to dealing with individuals and he taught me a lot over the years. He taught me patience and gave me some great insight on how to deal with people on a day to day basis," says Gamaliel Police Chief Jeff Denhard.

Monroe County Sheriff Roger Barlow knew officer Sprocket as a friend and colleague.

He was the second officer to arrive on scene last Tuesday and says it's was tough not letting his emotions get the best of him.

"You have to put your feelings behind you do the job that you are sworn to do. It's hard. It is hard for me to put my feelings behind me, but you have to put your feelings behind you and do the job as best as you can," says Barlow.

As Officer Sprocket is laid to rest his memory will forever live across the community.

"It's just a sad day in Tompkinsville, Monroe County, we are loosing a great human being, family man, and friend," says Ford.

The man accused of murdering Officer Sprocket outside his home, 81-year-old Charles Hammer, remains in the Monroe County Correctional Center.

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