Threat Of Severe Weather Moves Halloween Plans Indoors

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The chance of blustery winds and heavy rain haven't put a damper on Halloween for everyone. Though many counties and cities have pushed back Halloween night activities one day, many places still planned on passing out candy. Massey Springs is one of those places that has an indoor event every year, and this time around their phones were ringing off the hook.

"It's typically cold on Halloween and my residents are going to go out when it's cold. They want to be indoors. They love to have fun. They're going to make sure that all the kids that come have fun and cut up with them. They'll also get lots of candy." said Executive Director, Leigh Mooneyhan.

Some places modified their plans, like Smiths Grove Baptist Church who decided to move their Trunk or Treat event indoors.

"It's Halloween. I've got a 2 year old. We've been telling him for weeks now, on Thursday you get to dress up as Superman and go "Trick or Treating". If you have those kids who are looking forward to it, it's real hard to say, you have to wait one more day." commented the church's Education and Discipleship Pastor, Justin Pate.

The threat of severe weather has not only changed "Trick or Treat" times. The Halloween Express tent on Scottsville Road in Bowling Green is a hot spot for costumes, but they were forced to close due to the high winds, leaving many people scrounging for a place to find a costume.

"This is the last place I could think of besides Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is usually pretty sold out by the time you get there at this point. I had friends meeting me here to pick out costumes and it's kind of disheartening we have to go find somewhere else." said a disappointed Brittni Stephens.

This year's holiday was an adaptive one, but it wasn't a disappointing one.

"It's amazing that the city of Smiths Grove has about 800 (people) but we double that for Trunk or Treat. So we're expecting a ton." added Pate.

Though many braved it out Thursday, there will still be plenty of candy to go around for Trick or Treaters in the area on November 1.

To see what date your city or county is "Trick Or Treating" check out the link below.

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