UPDATE: Threat Of Storms Changes Trick Or Treat Dates

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -- A storm system made up of high winds and moisture is making its way from the plains to south central Kentucky. It's bringing a slight risk of severe weather. The storm is expected to hit late Thursday afternoon, right when "trick or treaters" are expected to be out. That leaves a tough decision for city and county officials across the area.
The city of Bowling Green and Warren County came together and made a decision.

"Bowling Green has so many activities going on this weekend, we're afraid we would disrupt other events going on. People have asked us and we've had about an even number of concerns on both sessions. We've decided not to address that and allow people to make their own decision about whether to visit with friends and family, or have a gathering in their neighborhood." stated Bowling Green Mayor Bruce Wilkerson.

Bowling Green isn't the only community with that opinion, many others have announced the same thing.

"We had so much early preparation by different groups.You can't play with the weather all the time, so this is a big decision. We go for it and see what happens, ultimately letting the parents make that discretion." said Scottsville Mayor Robbie Cline.

On the other hand, just as many area communities have decided to move their "trick or treat" dates back one day.

"We thought it was best to move it to Friday night. It's supposed to be beautiful and they can get out and ring doorbells. All in all, I think it was the best move for the city of Russellville." stated Russellville Mayor Mark Stratton.

The tough decision has sparked some opposition from concerned parents across the area.

"I think there is way too much risk. They're putting it off on that it interferes with church functions. We've just about heard every excuse. I don't think it's a good idea. Why chance it? I think a lot of parents are going to agree with me on that." said concerned parent Kristie Gosnell.

All city and county officials in the area agree that no matter what day trick or treating takes place, child safety comes first.

Events like Trick or Treating at Massey Spring in Bowling Green and various church events plan to go on with their events indoors.

Check the list below to see what day your city/county is trick or treating.

Bowling Green

Hart County
Cave City
Park City
Ohio County
Muhlenberg County


Taylor County

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