Three Former Caretakers Facing 69 Charges

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Three former nursing home employees in Brownsville are behind bars tonight, stemming from an investigation regarding patient abuse and neglect.

Just over one month ago, the Edmonson County Sheriff's Department received a tip that has since landed the three caretakers in jail.

"On Sunday, August 3rd, I got the initial call from one of the employees of the Edmonson Healthcare Center who informed me that there had been some allegations of abuse by some of the staff members to some of the residents," Edmonson County Sheriff, Wil Cannon, said.

Cannon began preliminary interviews with witnesses the next day.

"And, after conducting four preliminary interviews, I realized that this case was far more vast than we had the resources and the time here in our small staff to do it justice," Cannon said.

He then contacted another police department.

"So, I called the Kentucky State Police and asked them for assistance in the matter, and they took over in the investigation, and completed it from there," Cannon said.

Jerry Matthew Snyder, Kayla D. Kinser, and Kelly D. Duvall, were all arrested and are now facing a total of 69 criminal charges.

Among them are: criminal abuse first degree and wanton endangerment second degree.

The Edmonson Center released a statement that says in part:

"Edmonson Center has a zero tolerance policy with regard to abuse when we receive a report from any source," and "We immediately suspend the implicated individual," followed by, "We do not hesitate to terminate any employee when we believe they engaged in inappropriate behavior towards our residents."

The Sheriff says this investigation wouldn't have happened without the first witness coming forward. If you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect, contact your local authorities.

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