Three Warren County Schools Get National Recognition

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In October, students nationwide were surveyed by the Gallup Student Organization about their hopes, their dreams and how they feel about school.

Today, the top 192 out of 1,700 schools were notified.

Three Warren County Schools were among the top "High Hopes Schools."

If you ask these 5th grade students at Cumberland Trace Elementary about their high hopes college and careers are top goals.

"It means achieving my goals of going to college and getting a good career such as a genetic counselor," says Kamrin Green.

"I do want to go to college," Eli Combs says.

"I've always wanted to be a teacher and that would be my success story," Allison Croslin says.

Cumberland Trace along with Jody Richards and the Lighthouse Academy ranked among the highest schools in the nation for students with "High Hopes."

Students from 5th to 12th grade answered questions about hope, engagement and well-being.

Students and staff agree, high hopes are measured by career readiness, even at a young age.

"We are beginning with the end in mind and thinking what do I need to do today as a student to prepare me for that end goal," says Dr. Mary Evans, principal at Cumberland Trace Elementary.

"Kids feel important here. I mean I think they feel like they matter and that they are apart of something bigger than just themselves," Jody Richards Elementary, Heather Busheman says.

"I just really would like to do good in life and get a good job," says Jody Richards 5th grader, Zachary Colovis.

For students at Lighthouse Academy Alternative School, teachers strive to encourage students to graduate high school in order to achieve their hopes and dreams.

"That is critical in our environment that our students know that they are cared for that they are wanted here and that might make the difference of whether or not they succeed or they drop out of high school," says Lighthouse Academy Principal Matthew Bastin.

"I don't want to work in fast food all my life. I want to wake up and do something I actually enjoy doing and actually getting paid for it and I see college as an opportunity for me to do something that I actually would love to do," Lighthouse Academy Junior, Andrew Markell says.

For the students at these three schools their success is driven by their high hopes and dreams.

T.C. Cherry, Potter Gray, Parker Bennett Curry, and W.R. McNeill Elementary with Bowling Green Independent Schools are also among the highest "High Hope Schools" in the nation.

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