Three Men and Two Women Arrested for Organized Crime

Crime Beat

After a four-month investigation in Bowling Green and Russellville, three men and two women are arrested on drug charges.

Tassie Butts, Rachel Collins, Brian Crisp, James Caudill and Penny Thompson are all charged with engaging in organized crime.

Authorities say the group had been trafficking Dilaudid a strong prescription pain medicine.

After searching three homes on March 23rd, multiple law enforcement agencies discovered Dilaudid Tablets, almost six-thousand dollars in cash and items allegedly purchased with drug money.

"It's a more serious charge, carries a more heavier penalty and it's usually applied when five or more individuals band together to commit a crime. We're attempting to hit some of these organized drug dealers with a heavier hammer, it's just the bottom line," said Tommy Loving.

All five suspects are lodged in the Warren County Regional Jail.

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