Time Is Running Out To Save Warren County Pool

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The recently proposed budget cuts in Warren County have many agencies making tough decisions. Perhaps no decision has been tougher than threatening to close down the Warren County Academic and Aquatics Center for county use.

"It just is frustrating to know when we're facing a huge obesity epidemic, that fitness and wellness are going to take a bottom place." said Water Aerobics Instructor, Dianne Kinser.

"We've had so much support from everyone. It would be a crying shame to lose the facility." added Doris Miller, who coaches a Special Olympics swim team.

Many are outraged by the notion of closing the facility where they train, rehabilitate, or just socialize. Ever since the talks of ending county services at the aquatic center began, one issue was brought to light ... awareness. Most people don't know where it's located. It's actually located just off Lovers Lane, behind the Warren County School building. Awareness isn't the only problem. The county parks department has to raise a lot of money in a very short time.

"At the end of the day, if the $178,000 is not there by February 15th, there is a chance that the pool will shut down. We're working hard not to let that happen." said Chris Kummer, Director of the Warren County Parks and Recreation Department.

That hard work includes reaching out to corporations and businesses in the community, asking for donations that just might help save the facility, and the daily routine of the people who use it. With the potential for the aquatic center to end county services very soon, help is needed very quickly. Many people who use the pool frequently say if it closes, they don't know where they'll go. If the pool closes, it'll be limited to only high school swim meets and practices, since it's owned by Warren County Public Schools.

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