Tommy Brown's Attorney Speaks Out About Grand Jury Decision

Warren County Court Security Officer Tommy Brown was an individual a Warren County Grand Jury decided didn't do anything wrong.

"Kentucky law is very clear, you do not have a duty to retreat. Mr. Brown felt like his life was in imminent danger, and he was authorized to act in the manner that he did. It's self-defense," said Brown's attorney Alan Simpson.

Brown's attorney Alan Simpson said what happened is a tragedy.

"He wanted me to express two things. One, he wanted to express to his friends and family that he appreciates the support that he's been shown, and he also wanted me to let the Bradshaw family know that they continue to pray for their family," said Simpson.

During the investigation, there was scrutiny on all parties, and while the Commonwealth Attorney wouldn't comment on any threats anyone received, Simpson said there were threats against his party.

"I don't want to comment on any specifics, but there some threats that were made on some, quite frankly trashy social media, topix. There were threats made there, and those were taken very seriously and I believe investigated by the state police as well," said Simpson.

So for now, the investigation is over, but there is a possibility of a civil suit being filed.

According to Commonwealth Attorney Chris Cohron for all intents and purposes this case is closed, but there is no statute of limitations on a case like this.

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