Tough Journey Of Rehabilitating An Injury

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Sunday's Elite Eight game involving Duke and Louisville was supposed to be about an opportunity at a trip to the Final Four but with a snap of Kevin Ware's leg that all changed.

"I knew immediately that's what it does. The leg doesn't fold like that unless the bone breaks." said physical therapist, Matt Johnson.

Injuries similar to Ware's are not uncommon and the road to recovery is filled with hills and valleys.

"Those days that I didn't have much improvement I started to think it's not going to get any better. With my family there the whole time they were able to convince me that you are getting better. They helped me get through it so I didn't give up." stated Sam Kissinger, who suffered and injury similar to Ware.

Kissinger suffered an injury similar to Ware's when a truck ran a stop sign and Sam was left helpless on his motorcycle.

"I flew off the top of the motorcycle and the side of my face hit his truck. I believe my femur hit my handlebars." added Kissinger.

Devastating injuries can be incredibly painful physically, but being able to get through them mentally is just as tough.

"A lot of times we've had people cry in the room. That's just part of it. You've got to be there not only as a motivator but you've got to be there to comfort them. You've got to let them know you're going to get better. Things are not always going to be like this it's just part of the job." said Johnson.

"There's always going to be a part of me that's mentally and physically stuck on that but I'm not going to let it hold me back." said Kissinger.

A broken bone can heal with time, but support from family and physical therapy can heal much more.

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