Tourism Is Booming Near National Corvette Museum

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- With numerous tourist attractions, Bowling Green tourism is consistently on the rise.
Now, one unpredicted tourist attraction is increasing numbers for multiple business.
The sinkhole collapse is affecting more than just the National Corvette Museum.
Since February 13, the National Corvette Museum has experienced an increase in admissions and sales across the board.
Admissions are up nearly 71% since last year and overall, revenue has increased 68%.
"May, for example, was almost double the visitors for May 2013. If we continue that trend through June, July and August, then overall, our visitation increase will be more than double for the whole summer," said Katie Frassinelli, National Corvette Museum.\
Those increasing numbers do not end at the Corvette Museum. The Corvette Assembly Plant has also reported an increase in tourism, along with surrounding businesses.
Hotels and motels nearby are also showing a rise in revenue, along with restaurants.
Jerry's Restaurant manager says the flow of traffic has been consistently rising.
"We've had an increase of visitors from Canada, New York, just everywhere, Pennsylvania. We've asked and a lot of them have come from the museum," said Jerry's Restaurant Manager.
The manager says she is excited about the recently confirmed decision to use the sinkhole as a permanent tourist attraction.
'I think it will continue to bring in people from everywhere. I think it will help," said Jerry's Restaurant Manager.
She says, the restaurant has increased staffing to accommodate to the tourism boom!
"We've got extra staff now. We've put on extra cooks and extra waitresses. So, we've upped our employees," said Jerry's Restaurant Manager.
The manager says the staff enjoys meeting out of town customers and learning of their excitement about the museum.
"The waitresses are loving it because it's extra income," said Jerry's Restaurant Manager.
The restaurant manager says their staff is continuing to grow, to prepare for the upcoming Motorsports Track.

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