Tow Truck Company Gave Safe Rides for the New Year

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The new year brings the need for a safe ride home, and this year was no different.

A local towing company provided a free safe ride this year.

Southside Towing offered to take those in need, and their car to any Bowling Green location.

Owner Randy Huff says he wants to help people out and keep people safe, because in his business he's seen to many deaths from drunk driving.

He says this year his drivers gave twice as many rides than last year.

"It was fantastic we had numerous places that participated. We gave numerous rides back and forth from different locations in town. We took over 250 people home this year and last year we did about 125-130," he says.

Huff says his goal for the 2014 new year is to double the amount of safe rides he provides.

He says he wants to prevent as many deaths as possible.

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