Adair County Recovers Six Months After Pipeline Explosion

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ADAIR COUNTY, Ky (WBKO) -- Six months after a gas pipeline exploded in Adair county, the community of Knifley continues to regain strength.

"We are still homeless. We are living with our son and his family," said Kathy Tucker, pipe explosion victim.

Kathy Tucker's home sat on a hill right next to the explosion that awakened the small town. The explosion created a hole in the ground, measuring sixty feet deep and fifty feet wide. At least three homes experienced extreme damage from flying rock, flames and debris.

"A lot of things have really changed since February 13," said Kathy Tucker, pipe explosion victim.

Driving through the town, the landscape is no longer consumed by caution tape. Construction workers have seized the area. However, Tucker says promises made, are not promises that have been kept.

"The people from the pipeline group that were so helpful the following days, have not been so helpful since then," said Kathy Tucker, pipe explosion victim.

Columbia Pipeline Group owns and operates the pipeline that was installed more than fifty years ago.
Tucker says the group asked those affected to not sue, assuring they would be compensated for the experience.
But, Tucker says her family's experiences in the following months have caused them to take another route.

"We are getting to the investigation part of it now and we will just have to see where it goes. My husband and I had no luck working with them ourselves," said Kathy Tucker, pipe explosion victim.

Tucker's attorney did advise minimum discussion of the current investigation.

Columbia Pipeline Group says, "The pipeline has been repaired and is operating at a lower pressure while undergoing additional assessment. We are continuing to test and analyze pipelines within the area to take every precaution necessary to keep Adair county safe."

Although the pipeline is open and access of the road is clear, Tucker says she still is not convinced the area is safe.

"I don't feel safe going back to our house to work or do anything. Because like I said, it is an experience that I don't want anyone to have to live through and I can't describe it. But, I do know it makes me nervous when i go back there," said Kathy Tucker, pipe explosion victim.

Columbia Pipeline Group says its assessment of the area pipeline continues, in order to determine what caused the pipe to explode.

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