Toys For Tots Big Day

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All the donated items had to be sorted and loaded up before they could be shipped out so the Bowling Green Mustang Club lent a hand to the cause. The club says the tradition of volunteering becomes more rewarding each and every year.

"We had a member who lost everything in a house fire and when that happened he saw a need where we can give back and we've got a couple of family members with ties to Toys For Tots as well and we thought this is as good a place as any. A lot of kids wouldn't have a Christmas otherwise and we figure we might as well step in and fill the need where we can." said Ethan Moss of the Bowling Green Mustangs Club.

Once the toys were packed and loaded up it was time for them to be given out. Saturday was also the first day of distribution for Toys For Tots. Families came to the Bowling Green Technical College where their toys were waiting to be picked up and enjoyed. Many donations and hours of volunteering take place year round to make the program possible but workers say when it all comes together, there's no better feeling.

"Today when it all comes together it's so heartwarming. I can't express how many people have come in today with tears of joy in their eyes that their family and children are finally going to have a good Christmas." said Janel Doyle of Toys For Tots.

Around three hundred families received packages at the event. That means around one thousand children in the area were able to receive something for Christmas just on the first day of distribution.

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