Transportation Cabinet Presents Preliminary Plans for Reconstruction of HW 98 in Allen County

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Kentucky Department of Highways met with neighbors and drivers today to discuss plans for the reconstruction of Highway 98 in Allen County.

Highway 98 or Brownsford Rd. is a two lane connector between Scottsville and Fountain Run, and one local magistrate says it's often traveled by vehicles that struggle to make its curves.

"It's really dangerous. Some of the curves they're straightening out now, it's hard for a tractor trailer to stay on their side in the curves, and they get over on the opposing lane, which is a real danger, and we really really appreciate the highway department and the people behind this project to get it going," said Allen County District 1 Magistrate Dennis Harper.

"Safety is the number one thing with this project... also to be able to accommodate a higher number of traffic... on it as well," said KYTC Dept. of Highways Dist. 3 Public INformation Officer Wes Watt.

The highway currently has two 11 ft. wide lanes with no, or little to no shoulder in some places. The new section would have 12 ft. lanes with 4 ft. shoulders.

One option is a large curve that follows close to the current road, and the second is straight, but further away from the current road.

"The difference is the people it's effecting as far as right of way... property they're going to have to purchase. It makes a difference to those people, and that's what tonight will be about, hearing from each side, and letting the highway department decide which way is the best way to go," said Harper.

"We want to present both alternatives and get feedback from people that live in that area, and who use that road, and who owns property out there. We really want to get their input," said Watt.

Even those who missed tonight's opportunity to comment still have a chance. The Department of Highways will accept written comments until Mar. 25. Watt says a project team will review all the comments, before a preliminary line-and-grade meeting is held to to select an option. They hope to begin construction in 2017.

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