Transportation Cabinet Seeking Public Input on 31W Construction Plans

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky --The stretch of 31W near Rich Pond is currently two lanes in most areas, but that may change soon. Next week, officials from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will be ready to unveil some options for construction.

"We will be presenting preliminary plans for the widening of US 31W from Buchanon Park up to Dillard Rd. We will have handouts on hand," said Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Dept. of Highways Public Information Officer Wes Watt.

Park officials say the widening of the road will help traffic in the area, especially during game time at Buchanon Park.

"On a given Saturday, or even on the weeknights when we have all eight of our fields going, alot of times we'll have people get backed up at the entrance way to the park. We've also had backups on Nashville Rd. during our big tournaments that come in during the summer time. It's not uncommon to have 20 or 25 backed up there. I think that will be beneficial with the additional turn lanes. I think that'll be great," said Warren County Parks and Recreation Director Chris Kummer.

While Kummer is in favor the transportation cabinet wants to hear more opinions as they consider their options.

"We usually to public meetings anytime we have any type of road project involving right of way property to give folks a chance to give us some input and we usually present some options there so people can have some choices and help us decide what the best way to serve the public is," said Watt.

Watt says representatives from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and their consultants will be at a meeting to answer questions from the public. The public meeting will be at South Warren High School next Tuesday, September 17 from 4p.m. to 6p.m.