Traveling and Gas Prices on Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving tends to be one of the most expensive times to buy gas.

AAA reports the national average for price of gas to be $3.42 a gallon.

Kentucky's average is $3.74, and many stations in Bowling Green near the I-65 interchange on Scottsville Road were posted around $3.55 this afternoon.

Avoiding traffic today and tomorrow may also be a challenge but one traveler has been traveling from Franklin to Dayton, Ohio for many holidays, and he has a plan.

"Going north is not as bad as going south... over the thirty years I've come up and down the road. Now I'm hoping to get up there in pretty decent time. Cincinnati is where I'll probably catch most of my trouble," said traveler Joe Flippin.

Flippin says avoiding rush hour traffic and big events that may be taking place when traveling through larger cities has also helped him reduce travel time.

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