Trial Continues For Teen Accused of Beating and Killing Freddie Emberton

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The trial continued Thursday for Jaquavion Bunton, 17, who is accused of beating and killing Freddie Emberton, 51, in Bowling Green in April of 2011.

He and two other teens were charged in connection with Emberton's death.

The Defense called witnesses to the stand.

An interview conducted by Bowling Green Police days after Freddie Emberton's body was found on Lewis St. was presented today in court.

Jaquavion "Dez" Bunton talks about the April 7th, 2011 night they came across Emberton.

"Me, Dominick and Daniel were walking up to Dominick's aunt's house and it's like right in front of some building in front of Delafield. And we was walking up there. We see this old man walk past us and he had some beer or liquor or something. I don't know what it was," Dez said in the interview, "He (Daniel) was like I'm about to take this man's liquor."

Dez says he was there when they met Emberton on Gordon Ave., but claims he was never on Lewis St. where Emberton's body was found.

"Was there any information that my client provided you even after being confronted with other facts that would lead him to say that he assaulted Mr. Emberton on Lewis St.?"
"That's correct he never said that he was involved in any other incident except the first one, was what his statement was," says former BGPD Detective Barry Raley.

"Tell me where you picked your son up."
"From Daniel Beasley's house on Harlow Court."
"Could you tell the jury about what time you got there?"
"I say between 11:15 and 11:30 that night."

The defense tries to prove Dez was at home throughout the night.

When Hill went to sleep around 1:30, she says Dez and Dominick were playing video games.

"I get up every morning at 4 o'clock," says witness Margie Kessenger, who lives across the street from where Emberton's body was found, "And they said Freddie's body was laying there by some hedge bushes, but I did not see nobody laying there at that time that I had the flashlight."

Police say they found Emberton's body at 5:30 on the morning of April 7th.

Bunton is charged with complicity to murder and first degree robbery.

Daniel Beasley pleaded guilty in December to manslaughter charges related to the murder, and Dominick Cunningham is waiting to go on trial.

The case will go to the jury tomorrow.

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