Trial Starts for One Person Charged With Murder of Freddie Emberton

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On April 7, 2011, Freddie Emberton, 51, was found beaten, nearly dead, on Lewis Ave. in Bowling Green.

He died two days later, and shortly after, three teenagers were charged with his murder.

One of the men charged in the Emberton murder case, is currently on trial in Warren County Circuit Court.

Jaquavion Bunton, who goes by Dez, is one of three people on trial for the murder of Freddie Emberton.

The three individuals are being tried separately.

Two juveniles testified today about a conversation they overheard at the Housing Authority Library, the day after Emberton was beaten.

We are not revealing their identities because they are juveniles.

(Juvenile 1)
"What I heard was by Delafield."
("Did they say if it had happened once or twice?")

(Juvenile 2)
"They was walking by Delafield and then they saw this guy with liquor and then they wind up beating him up and then..."
("Let me stop you there, when you say they for the first part, who did you understand they to be?")
"Dez and Dominick. Then they had left and then they came back with another person of theirs."
("Who was the other person?")

"We were trying to attack the credibility of the two young men who claimed that my client was involved to such an extent that he should be found guilty. We feel like we accomplished what we set out, because there were a lot of inconsistencies in what each one of them said, and they were supposed to be next to each other when my client allegedly had a conversation with them. So we thought we had a good day," said John Stewart, Bunton's attorney.

Former Bowling Green Police Officer Berry Raley testified saying Emberton had purchased beer at Junior Foods on Gordon Ave. the night he was beaten.

("Mr. Emberton was stumbling in the store because of his level of intoxication?")
"I would assume that's what caused his stumbling but there is a clip that shows that," Raley said.

After overhearing the conversation, one of the juveniles realized what had happened when he turned on his TV.

(Juvenile 1)
("What did you see on TV?")
"The man was beaten on Lewis St., I think it was. He hit the ground and he was kicked."

Daniel Beasley pleaded guilty to his manslaughter charges in December, and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Dominick Cunningham is still waiting to be tried.

Bunton's trial continues tomorrow.

All three men were juveniles when Emberton was killed.

Bunton is being tried as an adult.

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