Trouble of Scams

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Many people don't like getting phone calls asking them for money but Kentucky State Police say one call going around is more than that, it's a scam.

"We received a complaint stating that a woman received a phone call that she had a warrant for her arrest and if she is willing to wire money to this certain address, they would be able to take care of or dismiss the warrant for her." stated Trooper Jonathan Biven.

It's not the only scam police have recently had to deal with.

"I know some of the scams we've gotten tell people if you send me a check for $2,000 then I'll send you a check for $2 million."

Police say often times "scammers" can sound legitimate. If you listen closely you may be able to tell the person on the phone isn't always who they say they are.

"Start asking questions. See what kind of answers you get to that. Nine out of ten, when you start asking questions, they'll hang up on you." said Linda Chambers of the Bowling Green branch of the Better Business Bureau.

This time of year many plots center around "too good to be true" deals including a package with Final Four tickets, but advice from the Better Business Bureau, don't buy it.

"Do not give them any information at all. None. The way that we can stop all these scams, is if people quit falling for them." added Chambers.

Though scams may never stop, if you're properly prepared, they can certainly be avoided.


(Bowling Green, KY) - Kentucky State Police Post 3 Public Affair’s Officer Trooper Jonathan Biven wants to alert the public of a possible scam. Post 3 received a complaint stating that he/she had received a phone call and was told by the caller that they had a warrant and that if they wired money to them, the warrant could be dismissed.

Kentucky State Police wants to remind citizens that if they receive a call DO NOT SEND MONEY over the phone or internet. Instead if a citizen feels they may have a warrant on them. They need to contact their local law enforcement agency.

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