Truck Bursts Into Flames On Natcher Parkway

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Firefighters first responded to the blaze near exit nine northbound in Warren County around 1:45 Thursday afternoon. The truck driver didn't even know his rig was on fire until a state trooper got his attention to tell him there was smoke coming from his cab. After pulling over it only took moments before the entire vehicle went up in flames, and smoke began to billow across the road.

"I was talking to my friend on the phone and all at once smoke started coming out of the vents. Then I bailed out. Then it became engulfed. A state trooper was behind me and he said it just blew up. When it blew up there was a thing of clouds and I bailed out." said driver Jimmy Lear.

It took nearly an hour before the flames were fully extinguished. The road was closed during that time for fear the fire may reach the truck's fuel tanks. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

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