Tuition Rates Raised in Bowling Green Independent School District

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Bowling Green, Ky. -- Non-resident students in the Bowling Green Independent School District will soon see an increase in tuition. The Board of Education held a special session this evening to discuss several items of business. One major topic discussed was a motion to amend the school's current tuition policy. The motion passed which will increase tuition to $412 per year. That is a one hundred dollar increase from last year.

Superintendent, Joe Tinius, says they felt the need to make the adjustment based on previous spending related to the non-resident issues.

"We felt like it was an amount that, while it's not going to recover the entire cost of what has been spent over the last fifteen or sixteen months, it will start us down the road of recovery over the next several years."

The raise in tuition will go into effect next school year.

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