Driver of Brownsville Corvette Crash Facing Charges

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BROWNSVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) -- A Corvette flips more than one hundred feet in the air, while carrying two Brownsville passengers.

Around 4 o'clock, Saturday afternoon, 41-year-old Christopher Snelling was driving a 1993 Corvette, east bound on Mammoth Cave Road. Along for the ride was his 14-year-old step brother... Theron Snelling. Police confirmed neither of the men were wearing seat belts.

The driver swerved into the west bound land, driving off the road.

Police say the vehicle went airborne for 106 feet before landing in it's final resting place. Police confirm the 14-year-old passenger was ejected from the vehicle.

"They were then flown by helicopters to hospitals in Nashville. After consulting with the Commonwealth's Attorney, criminal charges will be filed against the driver," said Ricky Sanders, Brownsville Police Department.

Police link two major factors to this crash, alcohol and speed.

"I would estimate about 85-90 miles per hour,” said Ricky Sanders, Brownsville Police Department.

Police confirm the driver almost hit another car during the crash. A family of five were traveling Mammoth Cave Road, when Snelling barely missed hitting their vehicle. This will add to his expected charges.

"Probably going to be five counts of “wanton endangerment” of the family from Ohio. It was the mom, dad, and three children. Then, assault charges for the injuries on the 14-year-old step brother," said Ricky Sanders, Brownsville Police Department.

According to the Brownsville Sheriff's Department, the 14-year-old passenger has been released from the hospital and was present in school today.

The condition of the driver is unknown at this time. Police expect this case to be presented to the Grand Jury.

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