Two Arrested on Child Abuse Related Charges

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FRANKLIN, Ky (WBKO) -- Police say a man in Franklin is accused of beating up a toddler, and the child's mother is also in jail for failing to report it.

Back in June, a family member of the 4-year-old victim noticed the child had black eyes and a swollen nose, plus the boy said he had a headache.

Police say Brian Fuller, 38, held the victim upside by his ankles and shook him, plus hit the child in the face during a game he called "slap boxing."

The child's mother, Jennifer Douglas, 20, was in a relationship with Fuller, and police say she was covered in bruises from abuse as well.

Douglas told police she did not stop or report the abuse to her or her child.

Fuller was arrested on assault and wanton endangerment charges, while Douglas is in jail for charges related to not reporting the abuse.

Brian Fuller
Jennifer Douglas

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