UPDATE: Two Bomb Threats Made In Glasgow, Businesses Evacuated

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UPDATE: 1:20am CDT 6/19/13, Glasgow, Ky
Around 8:30 Wednesday night the sporting goods section of Walmart in Glasgow received a bomb threat in the form of a phone call.

"When we arrived on scene I set up a command post at South Central Bank which is across the street and moved all of the people from Walmart." said Glasgow Police Cheif Guy Turcotte.

Personnel from ACK Controls Inc. across the street from Walmart says they were notified shortly after the calls came to the store that they're facility received a threat as well. Glasgow police officials say they called Kentucky State Police and requested the use of the agency's K9 units. Police then checked the entire property of Walmart including vending machines and garbage cans.

"Once we cleared that and found it to be safe we released all of the customers and employees back to Walmart and then we turned our attention towards ACK (Controls)." added Chief Turcotte.

The factory was scanned in a similar fashion to Walmart and shortly after police gave the all clear.

"I think a lot of the calming factor was they were able to look out the back door and see two or three cruisers sitting out in the parking lot. Them staying with us the entire time, I think they knew the situation was under control." said Carroll F. Knicely, General Manager of ACK Controls.

Police say they set a perimeter at both locations with safety in mind, but also the possibility of preserving evidence. They have a few hunches in the case but no strong leads at the moment.

If you have any information on the threats please call Glasgow Police at 270-651-5151.

UPDATE: 1:20am CDT 6/19/13, Glasgow, Ky
Police say both buildings, Walmart and ACK Controls Inc, have been cleared, and they are continuing to investigate to find out who made the bomb threats.

UPDATE: 10:30p.m. CDT 6/19/13, Glasgow, Ky- Police say The Walmart has been cleared , no bombs were found, and employees are now back to work.

They are now focusing on the ACK Controls Inc factory.

-The Glasgow Police Department says two bomb threats have been made at the ACK Controls Inc factory as well as the Walmart on Happy Valley Road.

Those areas have been completely evacuated and several roads are closed down at this time.

Several agencies including Emergency Management are on the scene.

WBKO will continue to update this story as more developments become available.

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