Two Congressmen Talk Foreign-Related Issues

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WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) A couple of big-name politicians were in the area Saturday fundraising for House candidates in the Republican Party.

One of them was Congressman Kevin McCarthy of California, who is the House Majority Leader-Elect.

WBKO asked him and Kentucky Congressman Brett Guthrie about current foreign-related issues making the headlines.

The Ukrainian government said Russia was behind the missile system that shot the Malaysian flight down.

If that's proof of continuing political unrest in Ukraine, American politicians say more needs to be done to stop it.

"We also should be a great deal of strength to support -- to stop what's happening in Ukraine and stop this action of aggressiveness that Russia has been doing to the rest of the world as well," McCarthy said.

Guthrie is on a NATO committee and said it's a tragedy, but hopes through it European leaders will see the need to step in as well.

"Their biggest issue with Russia is where they get their energy, which drives their economy. We have enough natural gas in this country, if we could get EPA to free it up, if we can actually permit it and get it out of the shale and send it overseas to relieve the stress. The European leaders are having to say, 'I've got a tough economy, I depend on Russia.' So they won't take a stand, but we could relieve that if the president of the United States would take some action," Guthrie said.

Switching gears, back to the U.S., McCarthy said our borders aren't secure enough -- as more Central-American children continue to cross it.

"We will have legislation to secure the border, targeted funding to take these kids back to unite them with their family back home and solve this problem," McCarthy said.

Guthrie said it's important the children are treated humanely until they return.

"The governments there want their children back. This is their future as well. So we need to get the children back," Guthrie said.

However, he said he's not against immigrants coming to the country and becoming legal citizens.

Bowling Green has a large international community, and Guthrie said it is a good place to become integrated into American society.

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