Two Plead Not Guilty in Murder of WKU Student

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Twenty one year old Dominique Wortham of Bowling Green, and 19 year old Adriana Mason of Paducah were indicted on charges of robbery, burglary, and tampering with physical evidence following the killing of Larry Thomas on Sept. 7 at his Rock Creek Rd. apartment. Today, they both pleaded not guilty to the charges in Warren Circuit Court.

"Both defendants entered a plea of not guilty, which is standard in all cases. The case will then be back on the docket January 27th for a status hearing," said Warren County Commonwealth's Attorney Chris Cohron.

In the meantime, both sides will gather evidence.

"When you have charges that are this serious, there's going to be alot of discovery. Some of it will be digital. Some of it will be paper. There will be statements, and I'm sure there will be crime scene photographs. Those kinds of things, so we will have alot to go over," said Wortham's attorney Alan Simpson.

During a preliminary hearing detective Matt Davis said Wortham and Mason planned to rob Thomas because he owed Wortham $1,000 for marijuana he fronted him. Davis says Mason entered the apartment to distract Thomas, and a struggle between Wortham and Thomas ended with Thomas being shot.

"The early reports were that the victim in this case may have been engaged in some illegal activity himself, which is a little bit different, but not terribly different from alot of the cases we see," said Simpson.

"Anytime when you have the loss of a life, it's obviously very tragic, so we try to look at every case individually, and try to work through the criminal justice system as appropriately as possible," said Cohron.

Simpson says during the pretrial hearing on in January, the Commonwealth will have the opportunity to determine whether or not they want to seek the death penalty. Wortham and Mason remain in jail, each on a $1 million cash bond. They will not appear in court again until January 27th for their first pretrial hearing.

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