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Two WKU alumni are making it big on the small screen.

Matt Long and Matthew Alan are both on ABC shows this month.

One professor says he recalls the phone call he received from former student Matt Long... when he got his first big break on the WB's Jack and Bobby.

"I can't believe what's happening. I went to this audition and they called me back once, and now I'm packing a bag and I'm supposed to go to Texas and start shooting this show, and I'm one of the lead characters and this is just crazy," said WKU Theatre and Dance Dept. Head. Dr. David Young

Long, a WKU theater and dance alumnus is the newest doctor on ABC's private practice,
but in 2002 you could catch him in WKU productions like Macbeth and Chicago.

"If you count all the stuff he did around here, it was probably 20 or 30 shows. I mean... he was on stage all the time," said Young.

Long isn't the only WKU graduate in the spotlight.
Matthew Alan, formerly known as Matt Gerbig, recently got a guest role on ABC's Modern Family, but before that he was a broadcasting major, and member and coach of the forensics team. One current coach remembers how he captivated audiences in debates.

"You always kind of knew that he was very talented. He could command a room. and he was a really nice guy," said WKU Forensics Assist. Director Dawn Lowry.

Both actors have kept close ties to the university.

"I've got huge support for that program, because that was my acting outlet at Western, and so I've got huge respect for their activities." -actor Matthew Alan

"He (Matt Long) came back last year for a couple days and hung out with the students, and talked to classes, and shared what it's been like for him in L.A," said Young.

Professors and fellow staff recall both men as being great examples for current students.

You can catch both actors right here on WBKO ABC this fall with Matt Long on Private Practice on Tuesdays at 9 central time, and Matthew Alan on Modern Family on Wednesdays at 8p.m. central time.

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