Typhoon Makes Landfall in Philippines

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Philippines (AP) --It's the equivalent of a very strong category 5 hurricane.
One of the most powerful typhoons in history has made landfall in the Philippines. Meteorologists say this super typhoon is one of the strongest storms ever seen on this planet -- covering most of the Philippines.

The Bay Area has the second largest Filipino-American community in the nation, after Los Angeles. People here have been tracking the storm.

ABS-CBN Foundation International is based in the Philippines with offices in Redwood City. The non-profit is already accepting monetary donations to buy emergency goods.

Two years ago, another powerful storm hit the Philippines, killing 19-hundred people.

Local organizations like "Project Pearls" helped collect goods for victims, shipping them to where they were needed the most. Once again, "Project Pearls" will have a drive for families affected by this latest typhoon.

The typhoon is expected to impact more than 25-million people. Thousands have already been evacuated. The storm is expected to move out into the South China Sea overnight Friday.

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