UPDATE: Neighborhood Left With Questions After Fatal Shooting

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Police arrived at 831 Victoria Street in Bowling Green just before 3 a.m. They found 34-year-old Demarcus Elliott shot to death inside a car parked in the driveway of a home.

Police say Elliott was dead at the scene. A woman who was also in the car and shot was rushed to an area hospital for her injuries. Police continued their investigation Tuesday looking for possible leads. At this time they say the public is not in danger.

"I believe Mr. Elliott was targeted in this particular incident and I don't think the public really needs to be concerned about someone in that area or town or that neighborhood just randomly picking people out," says Officer Ronnie Ward from the Bowling Green Police Department.

Elliott has been a victim of violence before. He was injured during a 2006 shootout at Minit Mart on Morgantown Road. A man is behind bars for the shooting. Police say Elliott's past incidents are not related.

"At this point we really don't believe his past is related to the incident that happened today. It's unfortunate the way the circumstances worked out today," says Ward.

Back on Victoria Street many neighbors we spoke with Tuesday say they didn't hear a thing early Tuesday morning.

"When I went in my room and laid down I didn't hear anything, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but then when I woke up my dad told me I was going to have to find another way to school," says Edna Peachers

And Edna Peachers says an incident like this is not typical of her neighborhood.

"We pretty much have a safe neighborhood, we pretty much know everybody. They have been living here pretty much since I have been here," says Peachers

Peachers says she is not familiar with Demarcus Elliott.

As the investigation continues police are asking anyone who may have been in the area and have information to call Crimestoppers at 781-CLUE.

Police have yet to release any information regarding the woman who was also shot and taken to the hospital.

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