Unique Bar to Open in Bowling Green, One That Wants You In and Out

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - You may have driven by the building and not given it much thought. Now, a new owner is giving an old building on State Street in Bowling Green a new life. A bar called 1044 State will open August 1, but it won't be your typical night life.

"The idea being that it is a place to start your evening, not really to end it. What we will be doing is advertising for other businesses, restaurants, bars and other establishments and trying to drive business their way through us," says owner Chris Abend.

Abend also owns Bowling Green Pipe and Cigar. He says the location of 1044 State is key because it is within walking distance of Fountain Square. The building is small, but the idea is to get patrons in and out.

"If we didn't do something to try and encourage people to come in, have a couple of drinks, and then leave then we would run into kind of a bottleneck issue where we would have people hanging out all night and not getting any turn," says Abend.

The bar may be a unique idea to some, but business owners on the square say working together has brought success.

"We don't feel like we are competitors as much as we are collaborators. We are just trying to build a better Bowling Green. A place where we want to live. A place where we want our kids to grow up," says Justin Shepherd.

Justin Shepherd, Owner of Spencer's Coffeehouse, says night life is popular downtown. He is now getting in on the action, turning his courtyard into a beer garden.

"We decided you know it would be cool to have a beer garden concept downtown that was disassociated from what you traditionally think of in terms of a bar scene," says Shepherd.

The first beer garden event will be August 1.

For more information about 1044 State click the links below.

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