Unofficial Election Results: Bart Rowland Wins

It was a special election to fill Representative James Comer's seat, since he is now state Agricultural Commissioner.

The race pitted Bart Rowland of Tompkinsville and Barry Dean Steele of Knob Lick and Rowland is the unofficial winner.

Rowland, unofficially garnered just under 2,700 votes, and Steele received just more than 1,600 votes.

Voter Sarah Turner went with the winning majority in her vote and voted for Rowland.

"He's a very honest, hard working family man. Also, he supports the republican values that I agree with, and also being from Monroe county, i know that he will work hard to make sure that he can better things for our county," said voter Sarah Turner.

Rowland has already got things he wants to do in Frankfort for his district.

"There's not hardly been any new job creation in the last few years, and that's something we really want to work to do, and try to improve the economy. Cut some spending, wasteful spending in government, and try to find new ways to raise revenue in the area without raising taxes," said Rowland.

County clerks in both Monroe and Metcalfe county saw low voter turnout, but not as low as they expected at about 17 and 14 percent respectively.

"We expected a low turnout, and we're having more than we first anticipated, and we are attributing this to a young successful businessman, a republican Mr. Bart Rowland, who was chosen by the republican committee to represent this district," said Monroe County Clerk Teresa Sheffield.

"I really think it's more than I predicted. I thought it would be less, but checking in with the precincts today, and getting the numbers of the people coming through, I'm pleased that is at least that much," said Metcalfe County Clerk Carol England Chaney.

For Steele, he's got a simple answer that states his intentions.

"I'm planning on being in the May primary," said Steele.

Now Rowland will serve this term for the rest of the year.

And with the new ruling from a judge today, the districts for now will be as they were last election.

So, Steele will run in the primary in the same counties he ran for the seat in this special election.

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