Update: Starving Veteran Receives Attention From Politicians

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- Frank Coursey's struggle continues as he fights with the VA to receive what he feels is well deserved compensation, after undergoing a Gastric Bypass to correct his high blood pressure. He says he is finally getting some attention from local politicians.

Frank Coursey has lost six more pounds since he first spoke with WBKO, June 27. He began his medical venture weighing 286 pounds and now weighs 127 pounds.

He believes the VA is not doing their part to support a surgery that he feels was performed in error.

"I feel that I am owed 100%, dated back to September 2011, when they performed the surgery that went bad. They should back date it to that point and cover my family also," said Frank Coursey.

Frank says he has more than $150,000 worth of medical debt throughout all of his complications and says the Bowling Green Medical Center has placed a lien on his home due to unpaid medical bills filed after emergency room visits.

"For five trips to the Medical Center's emergency in May, where the three disks in the neck collapsed, was over $10,000," said Frank Coursey.

Frank says he has not eaten solid food in three years. He says this has caused him to lose teeth and caused vertebrate in his neck to deteriorate, due to malnutrition.

The veteran says he is finally receiving attention from Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell.

"They're actively gathering paper work from me. They call me and say they need these papers, or need a statement from me. They ask if I could please bring it to them. Today's phone call was from Mitch McConnell's office on the internal investigation from Huntington, West Virginia where the operation was performed at," said Frank Coursey.

Frank says the hospital confirms no errors found in his medical records. He says his current surgeon in Nashville has different findings.

"Dr. Houston stated in his file, it was a rookie mistake. The staples were put too close. Any time he makes a record in my file, I hand carry that over to VA Nashville and have it entered into my permanent record. Those are in my records in Nashville and apparently Huntington pulls their records and their records only. If they looked me up in the VA system, they would see all that but they won't," said Frank Coursey.

Frank also says the current records from Huntington West Virginia's VA hospital show a different doctor performed his surgery than he approved. He says he has proof of this error.

"Mr. McConnell's office asked for two copies of these memos and was going to contact them back to show that this man didn't do it," said Frank Coursey.

The veteran is rightfully frustrated with the chaos involved in his medical situation.

"People are taking notice and I hope its not just with me. There are more out there. I wonder how many more people are out there just like me?" said Frank Coursey.

Due to Frank's recent neck surgery, he must wait six more weeks before he can be approved to receive his corrective Gastric Bypass surgery. Though he longs to finally eat solid food and regain strength, his major fear is not surviving his corrective surgery and leaving his family with nothing.

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