Update: Veteran Receiving Answers After Botched Surgery

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- A local veteran who claims he received a botched surgery from a VA hospital, is finally getting some answers.

One out of every three days, Mr.Coursey says he feels well enough to get up and move around.

After crying out for help for nearly three years, this veteran was invited to sit down with a VA group in Nashville to discuss his ongoing issues.

Frank informed them of his extreme weight loss after receiving a gastric bypass surgery to correct his high blood pressure. Weighing in at 289 lbs. prior to surgery, Mr. Coursey is now at a mere 128 lbs.

Through numerous emergency room visits and followups, Mr. Coursey began piling up more than $150,000 in unpaid medical bills that he claims the VA is responsible for.

While being tossed around, receiving no answers, the Medical Center in Bowling Green, placed a lien on his home. After meeting with a legal team and department of families, Mr. Coursey says he is finally making progress.

"Since then, I've received a call from their business office where they paid six bills one time and three bills the next. Those bills were dated 2011 and 2012, nothing current and recent on the bills," said Frank Coursey.

This puts a dent in his stack of medical bills, leaving twelve more left unpaid. Although Coursey is appreciative of the recent call to action, his mind still is not at ease.

Frank is scheduled to receive a corrective surgery, that will hopefully allow him to eat solid food. However, the doctors have another issue to work through to get to his stomach.

"The hernia is at the start of the gastric by pass. So, the gastric bypass is being compromised from the start. That is why they don't know the outcome of the surgery," said Frank Coursey.

Mr. Coursey is in fear that he will not survive the surgery, leaving his family with nothing. The veteran says the VA claims they've mailed proof of payment for the nine paid medical bills, but only time will determine the future of the other bills.

Mr. Coursey says he has also been approved for dental surgery, as his teeth and gums have decayed due to malnutrition.

Mr. Coursey's corrective surgery is scheduled for August 20.

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