Vandals Strike At Preston Miller Park

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Those with Bowling Green Parks and Recreation are working with Bowling Green Police to find who may have vandalized Preston Miller Park over the weekend.

An employee discovered graffiti early Sunday morning on park buildings, walkways and traffic signs. Those who use the park are frustrated someone would want to damage such a beautiful area.

"We have all these nice parks we are so lucky in Bowling Green to have about 20 different parks. I just think it's sad that we have people in our community who are not willing to just enjoy them for what they are worth," says Rachel Jennings, who uses the park everyday.

Employees spent Tuesday cleaning up the graffiti which cost an estimated $400. Unfortunately, Parks and Recreation have experience dealing with this type of situation and suspect more graffiti could come in the future. They say the cleanup has become easier over the years.

"Graffiti is becoming a more constant problem in Bowling Green and around the country. We've got newer methods and newer products that we are able to remove the graffiti so it's not as labor intensive as we've had in the past," says Parks Maintenance Division Manager Gerald Belcher.

In the short term security has been heightened at all area parks to prevent any future incidents.

"We are doing a lot more security. We're using cameras more effectively to catch people who may engage in these types of activities," says Belcher.

If you have any information on who may have committed the vandalism, call Crimestoppers at 781-CLUE.

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