"Vortex" Nearly Ready For Operation

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Beech Bend Park is putting the finishing touches on their newest attraction "The Vortex". The ride sits twenty people facing each other. Not only does the ride swing back and forth over a lake, it also spins. The intensity of the ride is something officials say may be intimidating, but it's made for just about everybody.

"To actually give you a reason to say man, I don't know if I can ride all the rides at Beech Bend now. It may be too scary for me. It's something I'm very proud of. It's going to bring out more thrill seekers and please the families that are already here. The height requirement is 48 inches. So if you're tall enough and you're brave enough than go for it." said Director of Operations, Reed Gonzalez.

The ride swings up to 240 degrees in the air and park officials say it's one of a kind in the region

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