WKU Aims to Help Military Vets

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For those who served in the military transitioning back to civilian life can be a difficult task.

If you're a veteran looking to go back to school or even brush up on computer skills there may be help right here in Bowling Green.

What makes WKU the best school for vets?

They say the key is veterans helping veterans.

"It's a way for all of us to communicate together and know whats out there in the community for veterans not just students at western but all veterans and how we can best help and serve each other as veterans," says Tonya Archey, Director of Military Services at WKU.

From Kuwait, to Fort Knox, to right here on campus WKU has more than 1400 active duty students.

"They take online courses, they can take correspondence courses, there's a number of formats they can take. Of course, were on post at Fort Knox and they can take face to face classes," says Archey.

Kent Johnson who served in the United States Marine Core and was deployed twice says he wouldn't be in his junior year at WKU if it wasn't for the upward bound program.

"I realized hey I want to do something with my life when I get out, I want to go to college, and help do some things in the world that make the world a better place, I know that's a lofty dream but college is a good place to start," says Johnson.

WKU is home to the only upward bound program in the state, that is aimed at helping veterans at any age, free of cost.

"They made need some refresher courses or their not exactly how to get in school or they need help with paperwork and things like that, and I know I used it for the educational side," says Johnson.

They even have a way to avoid the high cost of textbooks.

"Textbooks for Troops it's a textbook lending program where they can come to this office, they can request those textbooks, and then borrow them for an entire semester," says Archey.

And the main goal is to...

"Provide you with the tools and the confidence to return to school."

The University has been named to the "Military Friendly Schools List" for the fourth consecutive year.

To find out more about the military friendly programs WKU offers go to our web-channel at wbko.com.

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