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The recent success of WKU football isn't the only thing the university has to be excited about. WKU has reached a major milestone in fundraising, despite the recent economic climate.

The university reached its goal of raising more than $200 million as part of its new Century of Spirit campaign, but they're not focusing on that number. Instead they're looking forward to what it will do for the school.

"More importantly, it's about the faculty staff and students that are being impacted everyday." said WKU Associate Vice President of Development John Paul Blair.

That money will go to anything from student scholarships and professors, to new projects.

"The importance of it is... it builds our endowment. Almost all of the campaign is for endowed faculty positions, professors, scholarships, allowing us to recruit the best and brightest from across the globe," said President Gary Ransdell.

Students are happy to have that money not just for scholarships, but for programs that interest them.

"I have a heart for music, and you notice behind us that we just built the new music building, and that went toward the money we raised, so I'm really excited about that." said WKU freshman Hayden Goff.

It seems like everyone's excited about this accomplishment.
students, faculty, and staff made a video to celebrate.

University officals say it wouldn't be possible without faculty, staff, alumni, and other friends of the university. President Ransdell says faculty and staff alone raised more than $7 million. The remainder came from donations, gifts, and pledges from alumni and other friends of the university.

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