WKU Watch Party for Presidential Debate

Hundreds of students were on WKU's campus to watch the presidential debate.

"I think this is just to get people energized about the election. It's your civic duty to get out and vote, they can express their views no matter what party it is," said sophomore republican Dalton Workman.

There were events like the political graffiti wall where students were permitted to promote political expression, but there were those also concerned with watching the debate.

"I support Obama for his position on women's rights, and also Joe Biden's position on women's rights," said freshman democrat Kate McElroy.

The debate watch party also had a live twitter feed with people tweeting about the event, but one student thinks the college demographic isn't as active this time around.

"I think it's less active than it was in 2008 for various reasons. The candidates could be talking about issues that pertain to the college students. There may be deceptions out there from both sides talking about your funding and loans. It may just discourage students from getting involved altogether," said Workman.

Opinions of the students are mixed on presidential debates.

"I think that a lot of people who watch debates have already made their decision, and the people who haven't are just getting stock. I think those are the people they should focus on," said McElroy.

Dr. Saundra Ardrey organized the event for the students.

"This is the perfect one. We wanted to do it before it got to cold, but the town hall format is usually the best one for students to see the exchange between the candidates to see how they interact with people and to ask questions that are from the people," said Ardrey.

And the people are the ones who will have the voice on November 6th.

The final presidential debate will be next Monday at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida.

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