WKU Fan Reactions to Conference Change

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The conference switch, among several other things has fans looking forward to WKU athletics in 2014.

Fans are saying WKU is moving in the right direction, moving to win more championships.

Besides the new conference alignment, WKU fans have several other things to be excited about.

"We get possibly more television exposure, possibly better recruits here, because we just got Bobby Petrino in here from Arkansas, and it will be a big boost to the athletic department-- money-wise and getting better players," says WKU sophomore, Brian Goodman.

"Southern Miss., last year what we played them I think it was the biggest crowd of the football season, and the biggest crowd in a long time here at WKU," says WKU sophomore, Cameron Levis.

From a bowl game appearance, to a new football coach, to a Sun Belt Conference championship, WKU fans see the potential of this athletic program.

"It's a more solid feed for the fans, being able to cheer harder, cheer louder for the Tops," says WKU Junior, Will Paschall.

"Ever since making the move to Division 1, I just think we need to keep the ball rolling. Western played Kansas to the wire, and probably should have beat them the other night. I don't see how you can't be excited about Ray Harper and the basketball team," Goodman says.

Western will move into the conference with several rival teams.

"Conferences were made for geographically purposes, and I still believe in that, and I think it's a great fit for us being that a lot of the old Conference USA schools moved to the new Big East, and a lot of the old Sun Belt schools are moving to Conference USA," Levis says.

"It's going to be kind of the same previous to the switch, a lot of the same teams like Middle Tennessee it looks like are going to Conference USA, so it should be pretty fun," says WKU Junior, Neil Cavanah.

As the money comes in with the conference switch, students hope to see more fans attending the games.

"We could possibly expand the football stadium or add more seats in Diddle Arena, you know if you get more fans down here, you get more excitement going on," Goodman says.

The university still has one more year in the Sun Belt Conference, but fans look forward to all the new things coming to WKU athletics.