WKU Fans Prepare for NCAA First Round Game

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Hilltopper fans from Bowling Green all the way to Kansas City are gearing up for tonight's game.
Even though they face the one-seed Kansas Jayhawks far from home, many fans have hope they can pull off an upset.

"When you on the road, you never know what to expect in terms of fan support when you're far away form Bowling Green, but our fans have come out again and are really going to support us tonight in Kansas City," said WKU Athletics Communications and Marketing Assistant Robert Sampson.

WKU athletics sold all 550 tickets allotted to the school, and two fan buses made their way to Kansas City this morning. Some fans back home are already anticipating the game.

"I came down here to Hilligans at about noon, have been here ever since, and going to be here until the game starts and probably until afterwards," said WKU fan Kevin Preston.

Hilligans says they're anticipating large crowds.

"If I could think of a nice way to say chaos, we'll go with that, but it should be a full house. I'd say pretty should, wall to wall. Most seats will be taken. It should definitely be a good crowd," said Hilligans General MAnager Paul Parrish.

When it comes to predicting the outcome, some fans have faith this won't be their last game in the 'big dance.'

"This team can go far in the tournament. Kansas isn't playing the way they usually play this year, so if there's any year they're going to beat Kansas, it's this year," said Preston.

"I'm really excited and hoping we can be the Cinderella team... the Butler of this year maybe," said WKU fan Cody Gupton.

"I think they have a very good chance, and hoping for the win tonight for sure," said WKU fan Olivia Gary.

The WKU Store is already betting on a win.

"We have shirts already prepared for the Sweet Sixteen. We already have the shirt designed, and already talked to Russell about it, and it's going to be a really good looking shirt," said WKU Store Assistant Manager Jim Sears.

Sears says the store has almost sold out of the tournament shirts they have now, and hopes a win tonight will be one step closer to ordering new ones.

Tonight's game is set to tip off at 8:50 on TNT.

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