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One career adviser at WKU says when searching for that first job, don't sell yourself short.

"Don't underestimate yourself. If there's a job you like, apply for it. Let the employer rule you out," said WKU Career Services Center Assoc. Dir. Robert Unseld.

Unseld says you have to view your job search as a full time job.

"Make sure that you're following up and practicing all of the values they want while you're seeking the job," said Unseld.

Some students say one way to prove those values is with real experience.

"They have practicums built into the program so you can work over the summer and get experience," said WKU senior Ethan Mattingly.

It's internships like one student's experience in the human resources department at Fort Knox, that give graduates confidence they know they're pursuing the right career.

"I felt good helping out one of our U.S. soldiers like this. It really did me justice and made me feel good about myself. That's when I knew this something I want to do," said WKU Senior Austin Wingate.

Being prepared for more than what you believe is required will set you ahead of the competition.

"I believe as an employee, you have to be worth more that what you actually earn, so I have to keep myself balanced and maintain all my skills at all times," said WKU Graduate Student Brandyn Bailey

Unseld says it's that mentality that will prepare you most.

"Your career doesn't end after you get your job after college. The market has told us you have to reinvent yourself over and over, and we want these skills to be inherent in WKU graduates," said Unseld.

Skills he hopes they carry with them forever. For more on how WKU's Career Services Center prepares graduates and alumni for careers with more than textbooks see the link below.

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