WKU Groups Hope to Register Hundreds of Voters Tomorrow

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Tomorrow is National Voter Registration Day.

In 2008, 6,000,000 Americans told the U.S. Census, they did not vote because they did not know how, or were not registered.

Now, several organizations at WKU want to make voter registration more consumer friendly by setting up several registration locations in the community.

"We want to make that this time every American who wants to vote is registered by the October 9th deadline, and able to participate in this years elections," says Dr. Saundra Ardrey, Chair of the Dept. of Political Science at WKU.

Dr. Ardrey says, they want to register at least 300 voters tomorrow.

Voter registration tables will be set up all over Bowling Green at places like WalMart, K-Mart, Wal-Greens, Barnes and Noble, and Kroger, as well as on the WKU campus.

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