WKU Habitat For Humanity Students Live In A Box

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WKU's Habitat for Humanity chapter is building houses out of cardboard tonight in the center of the town to send a message.

"We're doing it in front of the courthouse so we can show the town what we've been doing all year long and what Habitat's purpose is... to get people out of this state," said WKU Habitat for Humanity Special Events Coordinator Sarah Jones.

After tonight these students will know what it's like to sleep inside something like a cardboard box.

"To see what it's like to not eat for twelve hours... or be in a home for twelve hours.It is sad that people have to go through this on a daily basis," said Jones.

One architecture major says he's used to building homes, just not quite like this one.

"It's definitely a new material. I've never built anything out of cardboard before. It's new," said WKU Habitat member Andre Frits.

He hopes it wins the award for best shanty house despite the limited resources.

"Good water runoff. The rain is not going to pull up on our roof. It's very energy efficient. It keeps the heat in. It's duct taped on all the holes," said Frits.

It was just a few weeks ago, many in this group were building real homes for others.

"I'm so blessed to actually give up my entire spring break to go to a state I've never been to and help out someone in need," said WKU Habitat member Alex Shurfield.

That's the goal of Habitat for Humanity helping those less fortunate become homeowners, and a message they hope to send tonight.
The WKU Habitat for Humanity's ReStore, place where you can donate items for homes will be moving to a new location at 1232 Adams St.

They will meet their at 8 a.m. to move supplies and they welcome anyone to join in and help out.

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