WKU Habitat for Humanity Students and Faculty to Rebuild Homes in West Liberty Destroyed by Tornadoes

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At WKU students are packing up and preparing for fall break, but one group of students won't be spending it on a beach or at a resort. They're headed east to West Liberty, Ky to rebuild the community devastated by tornadoes back in March.

"They had everything taken away, and they're starting from scratch, and not only is Habitat building them a home, but they're giving them these homes,"said WKU Habitat for Humanity student coordinator Jeffry Edwards.

Students and faculty from the WKU Habitat for Humanity chapter will be giving one family who lost their home during the tornadoes a new one.

"We could be doing everything from new construction, to roofing... putting in windows... siding... whatever is needed of us, we kind of just jump in and we finish the job," said WKU Habitat for Humanity faculty advisor Bryan Reaka.

Edwards says the building will also be energy-efficient.

"These homes are super-insulated, so not only are these homes for free, but they're going to be cost-efficient for the homeowners because on average, they're only going to be paying fifteen dollars a month on heating and electricity," said Edwards.

Students say helping a family so close to home makes their work even more worth-while.

"A big thing is the fact that it happened in Kentucky, so it's more personal, because this is my home state," said student volunteer Mary-Kate Smith.

"It kind of hits home, because there's people here in Kentucky that need our help, so we can't ignore them, you know, we have to go help them," said student volunteer and WKU Habitat for Humanity Leadership Committee member Missy Graehler.

Faculty members Bryan Reaka and students Jeffry Edwards, Missy Graehler, Cassie Kulig, and Mary-Kate Smith.

The WKU Habitat for Humanity chapter was named one of the top five chapters for Habitat Collegiate Challenges.

The group does projects during winter and spring break, and says it's not too late for others to get involved.
For more information on how you can get involved in future projects, go to https://www.wku.edu/habitat/.

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