WKU Opens Food Pantry For Students

Right now, it's only a closet, but this is just a start.

The Counseling Center at WKU organized the Food Abides food pantry just a few weeks earlier.

"We noticed this trend of people needing the help of things beyond the talking therapy, food and things like that, folks that were struggling. So, we started to discuss at what point could we help out. This idea of food pantry came up as a way to help students who were struggling," said Dr. Brian Van Brunt, WKU Counseling Center.

Coordinator Sarah Arnold said this program helps people who may get lost in the shuffle.

"If you think of the local high schools, and the percentage of students that are on free and reduced lunch, and then they come to college. You might have loans that pay for your tuition, you might have a part time job, but it's probably not going to cover everything," said Arnold.

If you have a WKU ID and are not on the highest meal plan, you are eligible for the program, but you can only get food six times a year.

This is all about helping kids focus on their education.

"To help keep kids in school, because the student who is out looking for a meal, and worried about where they're going to get their next meal, is not going to be making straight A's, and be able to really focus on their education," said Arnold.

They're only open on Mondays and Tuesdays from four to six in the afternoon, but are already helping about ten students on each of those days and organizers hope for more.

"I hope that in a year from now, I have an actual room where i can have shelves and a desk. I'm hoping I can work with some departments on campus such as the social work department," said Arnold.

Now, organizers hope this pantry becomes something much bigger than a closet.

Currently the pantry is on the fourth floor of Potter Hall, but organizers hope they move into a bigger place soon.

Also, staff is eligible as well.

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