WKU Planning To Demolish Buildings To Make Room For New Structure

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Construction on WKU's campus for a new building is set to begin early next year, but a couple buildings are being demolished to make space. The university owns both the Chi Omega sorority house and Hillcrest Apartments on Normal Drive. As of December 15, the leases for both buildings will be up and the structures will have to be cleared to make way for the school's new endeavor.

"We will start the process of doing hazardous waste analysis and abatement. We'll demolish the house and the trees on the site. Then in February we'll break ground for the new building, which is the Honors College and International Center."

Along with the Honors College, the building is also planned to house a one stop shop for international students, with features like the Study Abroad Program. The Chi Omega sorority plans to purchase a new house on Chestnut Street.

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