WKU Professor Uses Satellite Device to Assist In His Rescue

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- Western Kentucky Geography professor, Doctor John All, joined a group of six mountain climbers last week to collect data from the mountains of Nepal.

After experiencing a devastating fall, satellite connection to Facebook was Dr. All's first cry for help.

"He is absolutely lucky to be alive," said Clinton Lewis, WKU professor.

WKU professor, Clinton Lewis, was one of the first to view Dr. All's plea for assistance last Monday morning.

While preparing routes for his group's trip, Dr. All chose to venture ahead to map out the upcoming climbs. Little did he know, a devastating fall into a crevasse prevented him from moving forward.

"A crevasse is simply a break or crack in the ice of a snow field. The crevasse he fell in really wasn't that wide, maybe four, five, or six feet total,"

Although the width of the crevasse doesn't seem fatal, the depth of the space is unbelievable.

"he stopped about 70 feet down. if you've seen the video, it goes on several more feet if not seventy more feet. there is no telling how far those go down." said Clinton Lewis, WKU professor.

While in the crevasse, Dr. All was able to use satellite connection, allowing him to post his experience on his personal Facebook page and the “Climber Science” Facebook page. This allowed Lewis to keep track of Dr. All's events.

"Which is really unique that you can monitor a rescue attempt in real time now with all of the communication devices and Facebook and everything," said Clinton Lewis, WKU professor.

Six hours after his fall, Dr. All was able to successfully climb out of the crevasse. Three hours after that, he had successfully rolled back to his tent.

"There are very few people that fall into a crevasse that come out to tell a story. Or, in John's case, tell the story and then come out," said Clinton Lewis, WKU professor.

Dr. John All suffers from five broken ribs, a broken arm and a dislocated shoulder.

Lewis says Dr. All is in route to the United States where he will undergo surgery for his arm injury.

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