WKU Robotics Competition

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The average high schooler may not have a whole lot planned for their Saturday morning, but not these area teens who competed in the 13th Annual Kentucky Bluegrass Robotics Competition at WKU. They say to compete against the best is what makes the event worth while.

"It definitely makes it more of a challenge, it makes you want to do better or work harder on it. As if, if you were bringing it to present it, i don't believe people would have put as much thought into it. said the creators of "Team Ratchet", a robot in the competition.

Though they were all squaring off in the same competition, the participants took very different strategies when constructing their machines.

"You know, a heavy bot so it will be harder to pull. Larger wheels so it would be able to complete the sprint. We used a barrel design for the slingshot. Most people use catapults but we have a tight bungee in a barrel design. It shoots straight across." commented the creators of "The Angry Bird".

"I know when me and my brother were little we always used to play with Legos, building new stuff and coming up with new ideas. Just being at Tin's house, he's got tons of tools so you can tell he really likes building too. Well like personally I want to be an Aerospace Engineer, I just love doing it." commented the creators of "Team Ratchet".

But the event's not all work, it's pretty enjoyable for the students who each have a unique name and story for their robot.

"It just shot so far, it reminded us of the app angry bird, so we just said let's put an angry bird on there. I think it's great. I think it's awesome. I was worth all the time we put into it." added the visionaries behind "The Angry Bird".

They may be the future of engineering but Saturday, by putting their creations to the test. They were just having some friendly competition and a little fun.

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