WKU Students Headed to Capitol Hill for Presidential Inauguration

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Some WKU students will witness a piece of history next month at the presidential inauguration.

"All through the election, we've had students working on the democratic and republican sides, and we encourage that, because it really doesn't matter as long as you're involved in the process, so you can have a hand in determining your future," said WKU Dept. of Political Science Head Dr. Saundra Ardrey.

"I feel like everyone has to go at some point in life, just because it's a part of our history and our political process," said WKU Graduate Student Lindsey Ardrey.

While in D.C., students attend the inaugural parade, balls, and concerts, and they meet with U.S. senators and congressmen from Kentucky.
One student went to his first inauguration in 2008, and says it was especially memorable because of the historical significance.

"Different races coming together.... especially diversity. All the Hispanics and blacks got together. It seemed like it was a lot of minorities being the first African American President," said Chris Ardrey.

Another student also spent months campaigning, and will be making his first trip, even if it wasn't his candidate that won this time.

"Regardless of party affiliation, I think any time you have the opportunity to see an inauguration, I think it's pretty exciting, to be a part of democracy in action," said WKU Graduate Student Timothy Gilliam.

This isn't the department's first trip to capitol hill.

"I took my first group to the inauguration in 1989. It was a small group," said Ardrey.

Since then, the group has grown, and Ardrey hopes to take 50 people next month.

Dr. Ardrey says there are still spaces available for the trip, and the community can join.
For more information on how you can sign up call the WKU Department of Political Science at (270) 745-4558.

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